Lifetime Yoga Pass + BONUS Beginner Course - $169

Absolutely the best way to start! One-time fee for lifetime access to all the Yoga classes, plus build skill and confidence in the Beginner Course.

Lifetime Yoga Pass features:

• Lifetime access to all Yoga Membership classes

• One-time purchase, no monthly fees

• Relaxed, expert instruction with a few laughs for good measure

• Classical Hatha Yoga - you'll love how this holistic style makes you feel - body, mind & soul!

• Something for where you're at now and as you progress – Gentle to Advanced 

• Dozens of videos with great variety 

• 5 to 15-minute classes for a quick lift or relaxation

• Longer 30 to 90-minute classes for a deeper experience 

• Specialty classes for common aches like lower back pain

• Breathing exercises for energy and a balanced mind

• Meditation and mantras to soothe your soul

• Plus, BONUS: Beginner Yoga Course!

The Beginner Course is the best place to start if you're new to Yoga, new to Classical Hatha Yoga or need a refresher.

Here's why:

• We'll go step by step and build confidence

• It's pre-recorded so you can learn at home – at your own pace

• No need to worry if you're doing it right - you will be, because I'm going to teach you!

• I'll let you know how to stay safe and comfortable

• You'll get the most benefit from the poses by using proper technique

• You'll discover the broader scope of Yoga and what it has to offer you - mind, body and soul

• You'll learn how and why this Classical form of Yoga is so powerful and perfectly balanced

How does the Beginner Yoga Course work?

In this progressive course, you'll begin with short & sweet videos on what you need to know before starting, and build your understanding of Yoga.

We'll continue on with videos where you'll be practicing along with me. They include demos, explanations of proper technique, benefits and modifications for comfort and highest benefit.

You'll gain a confident, safe and informed foundation for your Yoga practice.

By the end of the course you'll have learned what you need to practice most of the Yoga class videos available here on