Coaching & Transformation

Did something about the word "transformation" spark your curiosity? It's a big word. If you're peering over the fence to check it out, your soul might be telling you it's time for a change. 

Maybe you're looking for a new direction in life. Or you desperately want to feel comfortable in your body. Or your mind is a private hell. Or you're so drowned in emotion you literally can't breathe. Maybe you even wonder if there is any point to your life.

I've felt all of those things deeply. Yoga was, and is, my lifeline. And my hope is that you'll let me throw it out to you, to rescue you from whatever is weighing you down.

My life isn't stress free. New challenges come up. But my life is 1000 times better because of the Yoga perspectives, philosopy and practical tools I now have to ride out any course life hurls me into. My Coaching and Transformation Programs are designed to help you create lasting change too – not just a quick fix.

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, self-loathing, bad skin, bad moods, weight gain... bleghhh. Been there. Not going back. Let me show you the way out.

I invite you to join me for a FREE 45-minute Discovery Call. We'll meet via video call, talk about your specific needs and chat about how my LIVE Coaching & Transformation Programs can get you to your ahhh life faster and more effectively.

Email me at [email protected]

Now while I'm answering your email, let's get you started with some Yoga!